The “Good Conversation!” Video Program Series

The "Good Conversation!" Series brings authors and their books to life!

Invite over 55 of the world's most popular children's authors into your classroom. Each program is more than 20 minutes long.

With this educational and entertaining series of programs, your students will feel like they "know" the author -- and that helps make reading the author's books more enjoyable.

  • In-depth interviews. These are NOT just brief videos of the author talking to the camera. They're each approximately 20 minutes long, shot in and around the authors own home. Viewers meet the author's pets and family. See where they work. Learn about their hobbies and their writing habits.
  • A unique learning experience. Viewers get a rare behind-the-scenes perspective of the author's life and work.
  • Visually appealing. A great deal of care is placed on the production of each program, and we include a variety of indoor and outdoor locations to make the program interesting for young viewers.
  • Authors from around the world. We've traveled across the globe to interview authors -- from Dorset, England, to St. Andrews, Scotland, to Laguna Beach, CA, and over 50 more cities and towns.
  • It's a great resource. "Good Conversation!" gives teachers and librarians exciting ideas for questions, topics of discussion and assignments.
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