A Kid's Video Guide to "Number the Stars"

This is just a short clip from the actual video. Click here to learn how you can view the entire video.

Topics discussed in this program include:

  • What is courage?
  • Friendship
  • Bravery
  • Characters' reaction to events
  • Diversity
  • And much more!
- 21 minutes

Questions for classroom discussion and assignments:

  • Give your first response to characters as they are named: Uncle Henrik, Anne Marie, Ellen Christie, the little girl.
  • How do you think the author portrayed the whole war aspect of the book?
  • What do you think of pride, as in when the old man falls down? What does pride mean to you? Are you a proud person?
  • What do you think the prayer that the title of the book comes from means? Can we “number the stars?"

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