A Kid's Video Guide to "Frindle"

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Topics discussed in this program include:

  • The origin of words
  • Heroes
  • Dr. Samuel Johnson
  • Fads
  • Kids vs. adults
- 21 minutes

Questions for classroom discussion and assignments:

  • Discuss the development of words. What is a word? Where do they come from? Who decides what makes a word a word? Do words evolve from other words?
  • Can you think of any events in our history that have started with one person doing something out of the ordinary, even though he or she took a big risk in doing it? (Example: Martin Luther King)
  • What do you think of the part Nick’s parent’s played in the story?
  • At the end of the book, Nick comes up with another good idea, but doesn’t want to follow through with it. Did he do the right thing?

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