A Kid's Video Guide to "Charlotte’s Web"

This is just a short clip from the actual video. Click here to learn how you can view the entire video.

Topics discussed in this program include:

  • Friendship
  • Circle of life
  • Words
  • And much more!
- 21 minutes

Questions for classroom discussion and assignments:

  • The teacher will provide students with a web design worksheet, or students may design their own web design. Do one or two web designs on the board so that the class will understand what they are do to do on their own.
  • Put a signal word in the middle of the web (injustice, stereotyping , cyber-bullying). Have the class brainstorm what comes to mind, and put their responses on the web
  • Have each student put his or her name on the web, and then plug in words that best describe himself or herself.
  • Draw two webs on the board. Label one web "Positive Images" and the other "Negative Images." Have the class use words to fill in each web.
  • Ask the class how they find happiness. Put their responses on the class web.
  • Name various characters in the story and describe their characteristics. This can be done on a web or just lists.
  • Have the class choose words from the story that help show how the chapters connect to each other to make a story flow.
  • Tell the class to imagine a world where children are never bullied, a world where everyone is treated fairly with respect and kindness. How could this happen? Hopeful responses would be laws protecting citizens or learning about all people and their uniqueness and sameness.
  • Ask the class what they would do to save a friend or pet from harm. Do they have limits?
  • What is the theme or message of the story?

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