A Kid's Video Guide to "Bridge to Terabithia"

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Topics discussed in this program include:

  • The importance of friendship
  • Coping with tragedy
  • Finding your own Terabithia
  • The relationship between kids and parents
  • What a "Bridge to Terabithia" sequel might be like
- 21 minutes
  • Highly Recommended Title at "Educational Media Marketplace"

Questions for classroom discussion and assignments:

  • Why do you think friendship is so important? Do friendships last forever? Can you imagine being in your eighties and still being friends with someone you’re friends with today. What would that feel like?
  • What are some examples of difficult times we all face, and what are some ways to deal with them?
  • How do you view your parents, and how do you think they view you?
  • If there were a sequel to "Bridge to Terabithia," how do you think the story would continue?

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