"Good Conversation!" A Talk with Matt Christopher

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Matt Christopher

In a rare interview, the late author of over 100 popular sports books talks about his writing, family, and days as a semi professional ball player.

- 18 minutes

Questions for classroom discussion and assignments:

  • When Matt Christopher was a child, his family had very little money, but the kids found creative ways to play. Break up into groups and have each group make up a game they can play with family or friends. (They can use elements of games they already are familiar with.) Remember, you have no money to purchase anything. Each group will describe their game to the class.
  • Write about your favorite sport. Questions to consider: What do you like about it? Do you have to practice a lot? Do you like to watch it on TV or actually play the sport — or both? If you play the sport, are you a good player?
  • Create a “mini guidebook” to your favorite sport that explains the important strategies necessary to play the game well.
  • Imagine that you have become extremely successful in your favorite sport. Write an essay about what your life would be like.

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