"Good Conversation!" A Talk with Lynne Reid Banks

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Lynne Reid Banks

Visit the author of "The Indian in the Cupboard" at her home in England, as she treats viewers to a traditional English tea party and talks about her life and work.

- 20 minutes

Questions for classroom discussion and assignments:

  • Make your own cupboard from a cardboard box. Each part of the cupboard will be filled with the your own special things. Alternate: Write about an imaginary cupboard and what you would keep in it.
  • Imagine that one of your favorite toys has come to life and write a story about it. (If they don’t have a favorite toy, write about an inanimate object coming to life.)
  • Study the founding of the state of Israel. The research should include kibbutz life. Write an essay about what it’s like to live on a kibbutz.

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