"Good Conversation!" A Talk with David Adler

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David Adler

Join the author of the popular "Cam Jansen" series for a talk about his writing and his family. He also gives a tour of his local library and teaches viewers an easy-to-do magic trick.

- 20 minutes

Questions for classroom discussion and assignments:

  • David Adler believes that children need to learn about prejudice while they are young. Ask your teacher if he or she could arrange to have a guest speaker, such as a local policeman, someone from the Anti Defamation League, or a school counselor, talk to the class about acts of prejudice in the community.
  • The class will brainstorm a list of settings and a list of events — then match one setting with one event. Write a short story using the setting and event of your choice.
  • David Adler loves magic. Take this opportunity to visit your library and look up books on magic. Next, choose a simple trick and once you've mastered the trick, perform it for the class.

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