"Good Conversation!" A Talk with Bruce Coville

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Bruce Coville

The author of the million-selling book "My Teacher is an Alien" talks about his experiences as a writer and introduces viewers to his hilarious twin brother "Igor."

- 20 minutes

Questions for classroom discussion and assignments:

  • In the program, viewers have the opportunity to meet Bruce Coville’s half brother, Igor. He is lewd and crude. Write a short story about one of Igor’s adventures.
  • Tim Podell asks Bruce Coville what he is afraid of. Discuss his answer. Then write about your own fears (real or make-believe).
  • One of Bruce Coville’s books, "The Ghost in the Third Row," is based on the belief that a theatre in Syracuse, New York is haunted by three ghosts. Research your own town to find out if there is a haunted building or place. Then write about the place or use it as a basis for a short story. If there is no such place, pick any building or location in town, pretend it’s haunted, and write a story about it.

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