"Good Conversation!" A Talk with Betsy Byars

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Betsy Byars

The author of the Newbery Award-winning "Summer of the Swans" tells how the book came to be written and discusses her many hobbies and interests, including aviation.

- 18 minutes

Questions for classroom discussion and assignments:

  • Betsy Byars talks about cheating on a test when she was in high school. Write an essay expressing your feelings about cheating. Questions to consider: Is it ever okay to cheat? What if you cheat and nobody finds out?
  • Where you live can affect your writing. Discuss in class how living in the south has affected Betsy Byar’s writing. Write about how the city or town that you live in affects your day-to-day life (hot vs. cold weather, clothes you wear, etc.).
  • The author says she writes with great hope and determination. Discuss this thought, and write an essay on it. Find examples of it in Betsy Byars’ books, and include them in your essay.
  • Betsy Byars talks about peer pressure, especially in high school. Talk about peer pressure in your own school. Your teacher could consider having a guidance counselor or school psychologist come into the classroom and lead a discussion on peer pressure.
  • Write an essay on how you have reacted when you were faced with peer pressure. Will you react differently when confronted with peer pressure again?

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