"Good Conversation!" A Talk with Arthur Dorros

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Arthur Dorros

Join noted author and illustrator Arthur Dorros at his home in Seattle, Washington as he talks about writing "Abuela" in both English and Spanish. He even does an illustration for the camera.

- 20 minutes

Questions for classroom discussion and assignments:

  • Arthur Dorros talks about Seattle, Washington, the city where he lives. Younger students can draw an illustration of their hometown, and its points of interest. Older students can write a paragraph about their hometown and what they like about it.
  • Younger children could finish the following sentence, “My city/town is a beautiful place because ____________.” Older students can do a longer version of this.
  • "Radioman" is the story of a young migrant boy. Discuss the diverse population in your own school and town.
  • Arthur Dorros mixes languages and cultures in his stories. However, even though he does this, he says that people are really the same. Discuss or write about the “common thread” in all of us.
  • Choose a story from your early childhood experiences and write about it.

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