The “All About the Book!” Video Program Series

The "All About the Book!" Series is like a fun, educational book club for kids!


It's a unique literature enrichment tool and a great way to get the classroom discussion rolling. Help your students get a deeper understanding of the books they're reading in class.

Each program features a young adult panel discussing a modern children's classic including The Giver, Shiloh and many more. Programs are over 20 minutes long and include:

  • A lively panel discussion. The fun begins when our panel of youngsters talk about the book's major characters, its themes and how the book has affected their lives. (Sometimes agreeing with each other, sometimes disagreeing, but always having a good time.)
  • Features that enhance learning. Each program includes a variety of other features, such as Ask the Librarian, "man on the street" interviews, plot summaries told by a storyteller or magician, vocabulary games, and more.

The series also:

  • Helps you introduce important topics. "All About the Book!" helps you use literature as a springboard to the discussion of social issues.
  • Helps students express themselves. The programs motivates students to speak out in class, as they see other kids sharing their opinions about the book.
  • Serves as a great teaching resource. "All About the Book!" gives teachers and librarians exciting ideas for questions, topics of discussion and assignments.
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