About Us

tim-podellGoodconversations.com was created by Tim Podell to help teachers and librarians plan and execute a multimedia learning experience featuring the world’s most popular children’s books and authors.

Our goal is to help teachers better prepare their students to pass local and state reading and writing tests.

Tim began this company by interviewing a single children’s author. Today we have about 60 in-depth author programs available.

Our programs have been designed to help put a face on the author. We want to make sure that students feel like they know the author — not just by hearing them talk about their books, but by learning about their pets, families, interests and hobbies. We believe this help students enjoy reading the author’s work, and that in turn helps make them become better readers.

We’ve traveled all over the world to interview children’s authors, from London to Scotland, to all across the United States. And we’re always adding new authors. As the success of our author programs has grown, we introduced “All About The Book!” — a series of “book talks” that features a group of students discussing a popular book plus other learning tools that help viewers gain a greater understanding of the book and its themes.

In the past, our programs were available as stand-alone videos and DVDs that could be purchased individually. Now to meet the needs of schools and libraries in the digital age, we’ve also made all our programs available online at goodconversations.com.

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